Do Not Sell My Personal Information

Your Rights Under Various US State Privacy Laws.  Residents of California, Colorado, Connecticut, Utah and Virginia have certain rights regarding information that businesses collect about them. These rights include the right to direct a business to stop selling your personal information or data (also known as the right to “opt-out”). We describe below how you may exercise your “opt out” rights. For information about other rights you may have under these states laws (such as rights regarding requests for deletion of or access to your personal information), please see Section 11 of our Privacy Policy. Likewise, our Privacy Policy includes information about the personal information we collect and how we use and share it.

Opt-out Requests If you wish to exercise your right to opt-out of Outlogic’s sale of your personal information, you may submit a request by using the form below, or call us toll-free +1 (830)-423-5996, or email us at We will need your Device ID — either an Advertising ID or an Installation ID– to be able to process your opt-out request. . The Advertising ID is a random string of 32 letters and numbers installed in your Device by the manufacturer. The Installation ID is a random string of 32 letters and numbers installed in some Apps that reside on your Device. Outlogic does not use an Installation ID for advertising purposes.

There are two different ways to obtain your Device ID used by Outlogic, whether it is an Advertising ID or Installation ID:

  • Open your App and check your App’s privacy support screen to access the Device ID.
  • If there is no App privacy support screen, then use your App’s Request Support function to send a support or help request to the App publisher, who will provide you with the Device ID used by Outlogic, if any.

Then simply provide that information to us by submitting a request using the form below, or calling us toll-free +1 (830)-423-5996, or emailing us at  Please also provide an email address at which we may contact you to report on your request. Please note that Outlogic will use the contact information you provide with your opt-out request solely to process and honor that request .

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Still Have Questions?

Learn More About Our Privacy Practices

You can find more information about our privacy practices in our Privacy Policy. This includes the types of personal information Outlogic collects and who we share it with.

Device Settings Restrictions

You may wish to change your device settings to manage how your device collects and shares your Advertising ID with Outlogic and others for advertising purposes:

  • For iOS mobile devices, navigate to “Settings” from your Device’s home screen; select “Privacy & Security”; select “Tracking”; and then enable or disable the app’s “App Tracking Transparency” Setting.
  • For Android mobile devices, go to “Settings” on your device; select “Google Settings”; select “Ads”; and  turn on “Opt Out of Interest-Based Ads”.

Modifying these device settings may have different results depending on the type of device you are using. For iOS mobile devices, disable an app’s “App Tracking Transparency” Permission will zero out your Advertising ID, preventing Outlogic and others from identifying your device using the device’s advertising ID. On older Android mobile devices, turning on “Opt Out of Interest-Based Ads” causes your advertising ID to be sent to Outlogic and others with an opt-out “flag,” which allows Outlogic to recognize and store your opt-out choice. If Outlogic receives such a “flag,” we will honor it by not using or selling your advertising ID or any information we have associated with it. Other device types may handle opt-outs differently.

However, please note that if you have a mobile device that runs Android 12 or newer that responds to the above device settings by “zeroing out” rather than actually sending to us your advertising ID, as iOS devices do, we will not be able to collect your advertising ID. In that case, we will not use or sell your device information going forward for advertising purposes, but we also will not be able to locate, or connect to your device, the advertising ID that has been “zeroed out” and thus, nor will we be able to remove previously collected information about your device (if we have any) from our database

Access or Delete Requests

Submit a request for access to or deletion of your personal information by emailing or by calling us toll-free at +1 (830) 423-5996. For more information about your rights to access or delete your personal information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.